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Posted on September 25th, 2009 By Greg

We have at long last updated the main website here at Included in this new batch of updates are:

-A new devoted section to showcase the 52 Weeks Project, located right on the home page

-A new reordering of the Illustration section, including all new work and the random pieces fromerly occupying the Otherness area.

-A wholly new section featuring the various children’s books I’ve been lucky to have a hand in, located also on the home page- especially highlighting the soon to be released hardcover edition of my illustrating President Barack Obama’s first inaugural address to the nation, from Harper Collins.

-An expanded and larger Community message board for readers and artists to display, showcase and discuss each others work, and pretty much whatever else strikes one’s fancy.

-A raft of new images throughout the site in general.

-An updated links area, headers and html coding, and the recent interview link.

-And maybe my favorite, a brand new original story from the Woodland Chronicles, located exclusively within the map on the devoted minisite. Follow the key….

We’ve been busy here, but this ain’t the all of it. More news coming next week!

For now, drop by and say hello to the various visual confections at

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