Wearable Gregthings Art!

Posted on January 25th, 2012 By Greg

My insanely talented wife, Jen Smith and I collaborated on a short line of jewelry last Fall as an experiment and it went off so well, we’ve returned with a new winter collection of photo jewelry just in time for Valentine’s Day. While each piece may or not be made again, there are only one of each available for the forseeable future. Therefore, tarry not and head on over to the storefront for a looky-loo!




Posted on October 15th, 2011 By Greg

I am proud and beyond excited to announce officially that my collaborative graphic noel project with Ethan HawkeINDEH has landed at Hyperion under the most excellent editorial wing of Gretchen Young. This is a project that Ethan has been working on for over a decade and we have together been honing it down into a three-part graphic novel narrative of the story of Geronimo and and his chief and partner, Naiches culminating in the treaty of Ojo Caliente. It is a tremendous honor to be approaching such a deeply rich, and largely unknown history with talents as formidable as Ethan and Gretchen, and I can’t wait for you to see it.


Currently on the shelves at your local Bookmongers, Magazine purveyors, and yes.. the Barnes and the Nobles you can find the latest issue of INTERNATIONAL ARTIST MAGAZINE #81, which features a long article on both my work- specifically the 52 Weeks Project as well as a marvelous peek inside the collaborative team of Zelda Devon and Kurt Huggins. Both were coordinated and shepherded by the esteemed Rebecca Guay and includes an original and never before seen process of how a drawing for the 52 Weeks Project gets made in a brand new portrait of young Geronimo. For more information on the article, you follow the link HERE:

In celebration of this feature, starting this Sunday at 3:00 pm EST,  my pal Neil of OUT OF STEP ARTS (outofsteparts.com) has gotten me to pull out some reserved original pieces I held back from the ongoing 52 Weeks Project series, which he is selling exclusively at his shop. OOS will also feature a new batch of work from ALEX ZIRITT and TOBY CYPRESS You can find these never before available pieces by clicking HERE:

You can still purchase a signed first edition hardcover of the 52 WEEKS PROJECT, shipped free of charge, at the online shop as well as the last few remaining copies of the  LOGS I HAVE KNOWN chapbook by clicking HERE:


LOGS I HAVE KNOWN free e-book!

Posted on July 1st, 2011 By Greg

As part of our celebration of the premiere of the 52 WEEKS PROJECT Book, I have crafted and posted entirely for FREE, an ebook collection of the sub-series, LOGS I HAVE KNOWN. To view online, download to print or read on your Nook, Kindle, Ipad or phone, please simply cut and paste the link below into your web browser and get a logging!:



Thanks- and I hope you enjoy it!



Children’s Book Madness at the Eric Carle!

Posted on June 2nd, 2011 By Greg

I will be showcasing my work for A PIRATE’S GUIDE TO FIRST GRADE, among many other things in a panel discussion at the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst, MA this coming Saturday, June 4, 2011. If you’re in the area, please come on by – I’ll be joined by many other talented artists and many more readers and enthusiasts- would love to see you there!. For more info, schedule and details, please visit their website:









Posted on May 5th, 2011 By Greg


We’ve achieved our minimum funding goal at Kickstarter! Thanks to everyone who helped us by spreading the word and pledging- this is a tremendous boost to our efforts- now in these last few days left let’s see if we can’t fully cover the printing expenses. Pass the word along, pledge, tweet and all the rest. And thanks again for making this such a success!